Nicole De Bruyne
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Personal information:

Name :    De Bruyne
Christian names:    Nicole Christiane Andre
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Citizenship:    Belgian


9/1984 – 6/1987: Bachelor Biochemistry graduate A1 Sint-Lieven Institute (KAHO), Gent
Speciality: Malt and Brewery Technology

1987 - now: Several short training courses in Belgium and abroad
Among these:
•    ROC Westerschelde Terneuzen: Diploma Veiligheid voor Operationeel Leidinggevenden VCA.
•    Auditor Food Safety and HACCP, workshop, Amelior, 2006.
•    ISO 22000: Food Safety Management Systems-requirements. Workshop, Amelior, 2008.
•    Symposium Food Safety: chemical contaminants in food: VMT, The Netherlands 2008.

Work experience:

Laboratorium Ecca, Zwijnaarde | 8/1987
Independent Laboratory for food industry and environment.

Laboratory assistant:
-    Quality control on wheat flour for the bakery industry

Provinciale Dienst voor Leefmilieu, Oost-Vlaanderen | 11/1987 – 6/1988
Public service:  Inspection of surface water and waste water from private companies.

Laboratory assistant:
-    Quality control control surface water and waste water from private companies

Mouterij I.B.I.S. bv.,Kloosterzande (NL) | 6/1988 – 3/1999
Malt House for pilsner malt.

Head of laboratory:
-    Quality Assurance
-    Quality control on barley and malt
-    Quality control on waste water
-    Planning

Cargill NV. Gent | 03/1999- 01/2000
Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. Cargill has a soy processing facilities in the port of Gent.

Laboratory assistant :
Analysis on soy beans, soy lecithin, soy oil, soy protein meal.
Analysis on waste water
Administrative tasks: preparing certificates using Access.

Mouterij Kloosterzande (NL) | 01/2000 – 3/2004
Malt House for pilsner malt.

Production Manager:
-    Production planning
-    Quality assurance
-    Management of the malting process
-    Management of the waste water treatment
-    Management of the maintenance

Louis Dreyfus Juices (Gent, Belgium) | 4/2004 - 2/2005
LDCommodities is a world leader in the processing of agricultural products and the merchandising of a diverse range of commodities. LDC has a blending and storage facility for orange NFC and FCOJ  in the port of Gent.

Assistant product development and production
-    Quality control on raw material (fruit puree and juice concentrates).
-    Production planning
-    Production recipes
-    New product development

E. Post Consult b.v.b.a. (Belgium) Office: Sint Pauwels 1/3/2005 - now
Offering consulting services to the fruit industry. Specialized on QC/QA, product development, manufacturing, quality systems. Agency for AGRANA FRUIT’s fruit preparations for BeNeLux. Technical consultancy for Flagfood AG in Switserland.

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