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Personal information:

Name:    Post
Christian names:    Eddy Jan Yvonne
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Citizenship:    Belgian


10/1977 – 9/1981: Licentiate (Master) in chemistry, Free University of Brussels
Specialty: analytical chemistry (working group oceanology)

10/1994 – 6/1995: Business administration, evening education, Free University of Brussels, half program.

1986 - now: Several short training courses in Belgium and abroad
Among these:
•    Aseptic processing: Purdue University, USA
•    Good Manufacturing Practices: N. Carolina State Univ., USA
•    Adulteration of fruit juices, workshops, USA
•    Total quality management, CKZ Antwerp
•    Sensory analyses, Haarmann & Reimer, Germany
•    Introduction to ACCESS 2.0, V.D.A.B.-education
•    FPA-SAFE auditor course (Berlin, November 05)
•    ISO9001:2000 lead auditor course (August 08)

Work experience:

10/1981 – 5/1983: Unpaid assistant at Service Analytical Chemistry, Free Univ. Brussels
Polfruit Belgium (Rijkevorsel, Belgium):    Transformation and production of fruit and fruit products (fruit purees and juice concentrates) for jam, drinks and juice industry

4/1984 – 4/1986: laboratory assistant

5/1986 – 11/1991: head of laboratory

12/1991 – 6/1993: Mondi Foods Belgium (part of Albert Fisher Plc., before Polfruit):quality manager

7/1993 – 8/1995: director quality assurance
Steirerobst AG (Gleisdorf, Austria):    Producer of fruit preparations for dairies (e.g. yoghurt with fruits) and fruit juice concentrates for the juice industry.

9/1995 – 11/1996: account manager Benelux, F, GB for the fruit preparations, with office at home. 1 to 2 weeks per month at the factory, assisting in product development and production
Flagfood Juice AG (Zug, Switzerland)    Coordinating office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Trading company in fruit en fruit products, with production (blending) under own supervision in Holland, of fruit juice concentrates (pineapple and tropical blends)

12/1996 - 12/1999: Technical manager, responsible for production, quality assurance, product development and technical assistance in purchasing and sales.
Hartog Foods Inc.  (New York, USA)    American importer of fruit juice concentrates, former agent of Mondi Foods in the US.

12/1996 - 2006: Technical manager, assuring technical assistance with in sales, purchasing and during customer audits (at raw material suppliers worldwide).

1/2000 – now: E. Post Consult b.v.b.a. (Duffel, Belgium)

Offering consulting services to the fruit industry. Specialized on QC/QA, product development, manufacturing, quality systems. Agency for Steirerobst’s fruit preparations for Belgium
P.A.B. Savoury (Schoten, Belgium) 9/2000 - 6/2001    Quality and R&D manager. Manufacturer of acid hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and savoury for the food industry.
Louis Dreyfus Juices (Gent, Belgium): 7/2001 2/2005
Start up of new business for Louis Dreyfus Citrus Group. Development, production and marketing of concentrated multi fruit blends for industrial customers. 
Responsible for the daily functioning of the company, purchasing, production, development, technical sales.
Company was sold on February 21st, 2005 to WILD Juices Rotterdam, with 6000 tons of production.
E. Post Consult b.v.b.a. (Duffel, Belgium)
Office: Sint Pauwels

1/3/2005 - now: Offering consulting services to the fruit industry. Specialized on QC/QA, product development, manufacturing, quality systems. Agency for AGRANA FRUIT’s fruit preparations for BeNeLux. Technical consultancy for Flagfood AG in Switserland.
GMA-SAFE auditor

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